The impact of personality on the success of project delivery


The impact of personality on the success of project delivery


Starting 18 September 2019 18:00 through to 18 September 2019 21:00

We all appreciate that bringing about organisational change is tough. But why so tough? After all, we’ve put in the process, methodology and recruited a great team.

Paul will add key insight into your understanding of how personality style impacts the ability of an organisation to implement change. Our stable, cognitive (thinking) style has a huge impact on our approach to critical change success factors such as collaboration, communication, problem solving, use of rules and our personal reaction to change. You will gain valuable practical insights into how to identify your own style, its impact on others and how you can better engage with a wide stakeholder environment. Paul’s work in this area is used within the UK Government’s Project Leadership Programme, which has seen over 1,000 senior project leaders participate. If you are fascinated by the “human” aspects of transformational change, this session will be for you.


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