A benefits management framework for prioritising programmes webinar


A benefits management framework for prioritising programmes webinar


Starting 17 February 2020 12:30 through to 17 February 2020 13:30

Why are you spending money? Are you spending it on the right things?  Benefits management answers the former, but a framework helps you answer the latter.

Every programme and portfolio now uses benefits management processes to demonstrate return on investment.  However, benefits management isn’t applied consistently to all projects and programmes at all phase-gates, which means that decisions on what to increase/ decrease/ start/ stop are made without being able to make proper comparisons.

A benefits management framework delivers two things:

  1. consistency, allowing better decisions and delivering more success, and
  2. application of benefits management throughout the life cycle, from problem definition through to lessons learnt.

This webinar supports the APM publication “A guide to using a benefits management framework ” and takes participants through the implementation process. From developing and refining the benefits management methodologies you will use, through which programmes to migrate when, to structuring portfolios, tranches and stage gates and taking action on deviation from plan.


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