International online round table: How to run local gov in time of Covid-19?


International online round table: How to run local gov in time of Covid-19?


Starting 26 March 2020 09:00 through to 26 March 2020 10:30

International online round table: How to run local government in time of Covid-19?
Ukrainian and foreign challenges and practices

Objective: To assess risks and provide communities with practical recommendations on the effective governance in connection with COVID-19 from Ukrainian and foreign communities, associations and communications professionals.  

Moderator: Olga Mishchenko, UCMC Communications Specialist

Skype conference time: 11:00 Kiev time  

Format: online round table, Ukrainian speakers’ live broadcasting, foreign speakers recording  and live broadcasting via link (for English speaking)  

Discussion topics: 

  • Challenges for communities within quarantine 
  • How the quarantine measures introduced in Ukraine will influence local budgets
  • What measures are taken by communities for a possible increase in the number of cases
  • Best practices of effective communication from local authorities 
  • How to enable remote work in the communities and what is the best way to organize it
  • The role of local government associations to assist communities in emergencies with the COVID-19 pandemic


  1. Olexander Korinniy, Association ATC President, Head of Novoukrainska ATC
  2. Peter Agh, Managing Director, ICMA Europe (Slovakia) 
  3. Olexander Slobozhan, Ukrainian Cities Association CEO
  4. Magnus Liljeström, Local Governance Expert, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (Sweden) 
  5. Krzysztof Stanowski, International Affairs Department Director City of Lublin, SKL International Expert  (Poland)
  6. Larysa Mudrak,  Win Win Communications President, Development Partner FBN Україна 
  7. Angela Bochi, DOBRE Local Budget and Finance Expert 
  8. Ruslan Shafranovich, Head of Ivanivska CC (Ternopil oblast) 
  9. Vasil Telep, Chief specialist of the economic development and investment department of the Baykovetska CC
  10. Radim Rouce, Сity manager City of Cesky Krumlov (Czech republic)
  11. Sharon Landers, City Manager, City of Carson, California (USA)
  12. Katerina Borysenko,  SocialBoost project manager 

Word version of the agenda in English and Ukrainian