Human potential: shaping the best possible ‘new normal’ webinar


Human potential: shaping the best possible ‘new normal’ webinar


Starting 29 May 2020 12:30 through to 29 May 2020 13:30

Ruth’s consultancy: Potentiality UK is focused on helping clients unlock the potential performance from uncertainty and change so they can deliver their objectives.

In ‘normal’ times this requires a focus on:
Objectives - what matters the most?
Disruptions - what is happening now?
Emergent trends - what does the available data suggest – what influences what we see, hear, believe, miss or reject?
Change - what situations are ‘unfrozen’ – where do we have a choice to do things differently?

But these are far from normal times.

The potential in each one of us as individuals, and the potential in the groups and organisations that we are part of is huge - a massive energy waiting to be unleashed.
What will we do with that energy?

The webinar will explore economic potential, e-working potential, environmental potential and emotional potential.



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