Poverty, Health and COVID-19: Emerging Lessons in Scotland


Poverty, Health and COVID-19: Emerging Lessons in Scotland


Starting 27 May 2020 14:00 through to 27 May 2020 15:00

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a profound impact on our economy and society, as well as on our health. More people look likely to be swept into poverty as result of economic impact of the response to the virus in the weeks and months ahead.

As we begin to look forward to moving out of the lock down, many people are asking what kind of country will emerge. Covid-19 has served to highlight the stark inequalities that exist in our society. Many people are now supporting the call to ‘Build Back Better’. But what does ‘better’ mean, and how best to do achieve it?

The Poverty Alliance is hosting a series of free webinars that will consider the issues and themes, the policies and practices, the tactics and campaigns we will need to ensure that a post Covid-19 future is a better one.

Our first seminar will look at the relationship between poverty and Covid-19, and what our response to this crisis tells us about future approaches to addressing health inequalities.

Our speakers will be:
Dr Gerry McCartney, Head of the Public Health Observatory, Public Health Scotland
Dr Anne Mullin, Chair, Deep End GPs
Professor Linda Bauld, Professor of Public Health, University of Edinburgh

Please note that this webinar will be recorded.

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