Sponsor survey: findings and recommendations webinar


Sponsor survey: findings and recommendations webinar


Starting 09 July 2020 12:30 through to 09 July 2020 13:30

Part 1 in this 4 part sponsor survey webinar series

Early in 2020 we analysed the results of an online survey of project professionals involved in governance of change with a focus on Board Directors, senior executives who undertake an Executive sponsor role and delegated sponsors who work on behalf of the accountable party. The results provide a roadmap of actions that we can take to further enhance this crucial role.

We will share the finding and the recommendations from the sponsor survey including:

  • The role of sponsors in the governance of change
  • How well sponsors are held to account for successful outcomes of change
  • The need for a sponsor competency framework
  • Benefits of and approach to sponsor training
  • Next steps for sponsorship in the project profession

This webinar is the first of an engagement series throughout July to present the results of the sponsor survey and discuss/debate the implications with project professionals with experience in these areas working in the Financial Services, Postal, Oil and Gas, and Transport sectors.


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