Project knowledge management


Project knowledge management


Starting 07 July 2020 12:30 through to 07 July 2020 13:30

Does learning transfer from one project to another? If so, how? Projects are temporary organisations. Evidence suggests that as projects transition from planning and building, to their running phases, a lot of explicit and implicit knowledge is lost. The result is institutional amnesia.

James G. March, the admired Stanford Professor of organisational behaviour, advanced the idea of “myopia of learning” in companies. March found that organisations have a tendency to be short-sighted in learning across the three dimensions of space, time, and failure. Project organisations tend not to learn easily, and when they do, they overweight learnings from nearby (vs far-away) places; recent (vs historical) examples; and success (vs failure) stories.

This webinar will discuss the challenges of learning across projects; the underlying root causes of poor knowledge flows; and present a potential technological cure to help institutionalise knowledge in projects.    

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