KM and IM - why we confuse them (and why we shouldn't)


KM and IM - why we confuse them (and why we shouldn't)


Starting 07 July 2020 12:00 through to 07 July 2020 12:00

Confusion has long existed between KM and IM. To the uninitiated, the difference between the two is unclear. Even those in the know sometimes use terms such as data, information and knowledge interchangeably. Why? Why does it matter? And what can we do about it?

KM and IM are both important and they are complementary – but they are not the same. The roots of the confusion between KM and IM are in different perspectives on the meaning of ‘knowledge’ and the meaning of ‘information’ – exacerbated by the separate development of thinking, specialist language and practices in the two disciplines. If KM and IM specialists find it difficult to understand each other, then it is no surprise that non-specialists are confused. This confusion can lead to conversations at cross-purposes and organisations missing out on good KM and IM thinking and practices.

Join this interactive webinar to find out more about where the confusion comes from, how it can result in organisations missing out on good thinking and practices, and what we can do about it. We will explore these issues using anecdotes and by reviewing the development of KM and IM – including recent developments in AI and machine learning, which have already added to the confusion but also present an opportunity to overcome it.

The webinar is based on ideas for an article in Business Information Review ( and a professional development session Judy has run for CILIP’s Knowledge and Information SIG.

Judy Payne

Judy Payne is a management consultant and academic specialising in knowledge management, collaborative working and learning – despite believing that knowledge can’t be managed. The focus of her work is knowledge management and organisational learning – how people work together effectively and efficiently to get things done, come up with new ideas, make better decisions and generally make best use of what they know. In practice this can mean anything from designing and facilitating a single workshop to a consultancy assignment lasting several months.

Her work is positioned firmly on the boundaries between academia and practice. In her academic work Judy develops post-graduate programmes and supervises master’s students doing projects and dissertations.

Format: will include a live presentation, audience polls, chat discussions. It is best to join online via Chrome browser not by phone. The main session will be recorded and shared with everyone who registers. Please test your cameras and audio in advance.

Tickets: this is a free event. Please register as spaces are limited.

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