An introduction to an effective earned value management system part 2


An introduction to an effective earned value management system part 2


Starting 03 November 2020 12:30 through to 03 November 2020 13:30

This series of webinars will introduce people to the, often poorly understood, system of work (the Earned Value Management System) that underpins good Earned Value Analysis (EVA) and enduring decisions.

The techniques for analysing EVM data are well understood and widely deployed. However, the system of work that provides ‘unquestionable’ data to analyse is less well understood. This, in turn, has led to a lack of understanding of what Earned Value Analysis is actually telling us about our projects.

This series of webinars aims to improve and broaden the understanding of what makes a good Earned Value Management System (EVMS) and why it is important to be as concerned about the system as it is about the data.

We will build up your knowledge over three webinars, here this second webinar will start to get into more detail of what constitutes a “good” EVMS and we will look at the most common standard used: EIA786.

It should be noted that within the proposed three hour duration of the webinars, this can only achieve an awareness level of the scope and complexity of an effective EVMS. It is highly likely that, for some attendees, this will leave them with more questions than answers. However, the intent of these webinars is just that – to start to get people to ask themselves the difficult questions.

This webinar is suitable for professionals with a beginner to intermediate level of experience.


For more information and to book please visit the APM webinar page.

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