DISC Profiling and ‘Unlocking the People Puzzle’ for Project Professionals


DISC Profiling and ‘Unlocking the People Puzzle’ for Project Professionals


Starting 01 September 2020 19:00 through to 01 September 2020 20:00

Want to Understand how to ‘Unlock the People Puzzle in Projects’ using DISC Profiling?

Are you a:

  • Commander?
  • Cheerleader?
  • Carer? Or a
  • Critical Thinker?

Or more likely, a Combination?

Want to find out?

Nigel will share how you can ‘modify to manage’ your approach in your project interactions to get the best from you and everyone else.

Understand how your default styles and preferences impact on the what, why, when and where of how you ‘show up’ for yourself and others within projects.

What’s your greatest value to your project? What are your greatest fears? What fuels you? What is your prime method of control? Learn this about yourself and much more besides.

DISC will not just raise your self-awareness, it will change how you see others. It will help you ‘unlock the people puzzle’ within your project working environment.

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