KIN Innovation Summit 2020 - Day 3 evening session (Free to attend)


KIN Innovation Summit 2020 - Day 3 evening session (Free to attend)


Starting 17 September 2020 19:30 through to 17 September 2020 21:00

Making Innovation Happen

This year’s virtual Summit focuses on how successful disruptors make innovation happen. Building on the success of last year’s edition on “The future of Work”, we will ask: how can you imagine a different future? How do you reinvent an organization around a new business model? How do you make innovation happen and stick?

Come and learn from authors who imagine the future for a living; from leading academics who have researched and consulted some of the biggest disrupting organisations in the world; and from companies that use innovation processes to put humans on Mars, make cities more sustainable and workplaces more liveable and productive.

The Speakers:

Loizos Heracleous, Professor of Strategy, Warwick Business School

Why Mavericks Matter

Loizos will talk about the strategic evolution of NASA and then go in more detail on the “pirates” and their role in innovation for the new mission control in the face of organisational and cultural resistance. How do managers cope with mavericks?

Carlos Westhelle, Chief Technology Officer, NASA Johnson Space Center

Collaboration and Innovation, Sending Nasa Into Space

Carlos will explain how innovation works at NASA, how NASA builds collaborative teams to accelerate innovation, why this is so important and how leadership acts as a catalyst.

Your Hosts:

The Innovation Summit is hosted by KIN facilitator, Debbie Lawley and KIN Director, Davide Nicollini. They will be join by our KIN facilitators; Erica Hurley, Nancy Kinder and Michael Norton throughout the three days.

Format: will include a live presentation, breakout room discussions, audience polls, chat discussions and then a chance to ask a few questions. It is best to join this online not by phone and ideally with your microphone and camera on. It will be recorded and shared with everyone who registers.

Tickets: this is a free event. Please register as spaces are limited.

Webinar: once you have booked a place, you will be sent an email confirmation with the Zoom dial in details and again just before the webinar.


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