Climate Advocate Training


Climate Advocate Training


Starting 17 October 2020 18:00 through to 17 October 2020 22:00

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Workshop giving you actions to take to be an effective Climate Advocate with your time, effort and expertise

About this Event

Outcomes of the Training:

  • You will have a new set of communications tools at your disposal, designed to enable you to effectively talk about divisive issues.
  • You will learn the power of being for solutions rather than against inaction, of being interested instead of interesting, and of exercising citizen power instead of seeking political force.
  • You will gain the confidence to educate elected officials who you might have previously viewed as inaccessible, and neighbors you may have thought unreachable.

Description: This Climate Advocate Training is a 4 hour workshop with a 45min break in the middle.

Who can attend: Anyone is welcome to attend, and we strongly encourage anyone new to CCL to listen to this 60min introductory call before joining the Climate Advocate Training. If you wish, do please invite friends (you can add them as invitees to the calendar invite)! They should know going in this will be an interactive training with a focus on CCL's proposals and values.

Topic areas on the Agenda:

  • Learn the basics of becoming an effective climate advocate
  • Review the mission, purpose, and methodology of CCL
  • Learn how to build constructive relationships with elected representatives
  • Practice how to appeal to the best in others and build common ground
  • Review the details and further resources to understand Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act