Exploring Climate Justice: Panel discussion


Exploring Climate Justice: Panel discussion


Starting 22 October 2020 18:00 through to 22 October 2020 19:00

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A panel discussion on achieving justice for the communities who are impacted the most by the climate crisis.

About this Event

Climate change is a global problem, but not everyone is impacted equally. Black, Indigenous and People of Colour around the world are bearing the brunt of the climate crisis -- from low-lying island nations in the Global South, to majority black and brown neighbourhoods in countries like the UK in the Global North. Yet, the voices of the communities most impacted by the climate crisis are all too often left out of the conversation.

In this panel discussion, we'll be speaking to historical archivist Chantelle Richardson, climate communicator and podcaster Dainalyn Swaby, and climate justice activist Simmone Richardson, about what Climate Justice means to them. From addressing the colonialist roots of climate change, to decolonising the environmental movement and taking the lead from BIPOC communities when it comes to climate action, join us for an exciting and vital conversation.