How do you know your project is on track? The role of data


How do you know your project is on track? The role of data


Starting 09 December 2020 18:00 through to 09 December 2020 19:00

Project management is fundamentally about delivering a project that meets the agreed objectives on time and to budget.

So how do you know if your project is on track to deliver those objectives on time and to budget? Measuring and tracking the right metrics can help with this by providing the information needed to understand project performance and support robust decision making.

In this interactive session, James will set out an exploratory approach to utilising project data, illustrating through case studies how the right data can bring projects back under control and enabling performance to be measured and improved. He will challenge delegates to consider how their own projects could benefit by applying the techniques presented, equipping the audience with practical ideas to take back to their workplace.

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