Who cares wins: Leadership and risk management culture


Who cares wins: Leadership and risk management culture


Starting 10 December 2020 12:30 through to 10 December 2020 13:30

This presentation will cover leadership styles within projects, giving expectations for delivery and execution of projects and operations.

Recent development programmes designed to support risk management will include leadership strategy, delivery, collaboration and engagement with teams to give a perspective on how a “duty of care” can be achieved.

The scope of the discussion will focus on project lifecycle, be that from tender works or internal requirements through the planning and definition stages into execution and successful delivery. The headings listed below will be examined from a reflective perspective with consideration towards future improvements and developments:

  • Business overview
  • Our “journey”
  • Developing talent
  • Walking the Talk
  • Reacting to change
  • Futureproofing

Practical examples will be offered from recent business experiences with the intent to demonstrate the need to respond to change within the energy sector on a global scale.

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