Insights from climbing the PM profession ladder across two continents


Insights from climbing the PM profession ladder across two continents


Starting 19 January 2021 12:30 through to 19 January 2021 13:30

Career journey from the UK to Australia – and insights into how professional qualifications and designations have been of value through James’ career path.

This interactive webinar will touch on project management as a career choice – James started as an engineer becoming a Chartered Professional Engineer before becoming a Chartered Project Professional.

The talk will run through

  • Starting at Rolls-Royce PLC and the value of an accredited training scheme, critical path & dashboards
  • Working as a project manager for Racal Instruments an R&D company developing bleeding edge telcom technology and rolling up your sleeves, team work and iterative based planning
  • Being humble, getting a job in a new country and taking calculated risks
  • Leveraging experience to become an Axelos trainer and the learnings from training
  • Running and supporting large > AU$1b complex programs and undertaking gateway and health check reviews.

The talk will also run through five principles leveraging a 20-year project management career and ten years as CEO of PMLogic, a well-known and respected Australian project management company, covering off:

  • The need to have a vision be purposeful in what you do and invest time in
  • The importance of people and building strong relationships that want you to succeed and you can help succeed
  • The difference and value of qualifications and certifications
  • The impact of digital on project management and how to take advantage to aid your project or program, and
  • Insights into performance metrics and contemporary thinking in how to define and measure success.

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