Analyst Network North East event: Making dashboards tell a story


Analyst Network North East event: Making dashboards tell a story


Starting 01 December 2020 13:42 through to 01 December 2020 14:42

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ANNE, supported by the National Innovation Centre for Data and DataJam, are excited to present their first online 'show and tell' webinar for 2021. These events are all about sharing the analysis ANNE is doing in the North East of England.

Matthew Robinson will be leading the first online webinar of the year. Here is a description of his talk:

  • When building dashboards, reports or analytics applications, do you consider design concepts just as typography, white spacing or labelling? More importantly, how do you know that your artefacts will actually be used and provide the desired insight? Not everyone has the luxury of a designer to assist in developing dashboards and reports.
  • In this seminar, Matthew will present a framework of key design principles and examples of best practices, learn how to assess your current analytics artefacts or use this framework to build better solutions from scratch. It will take some of the principles of Design and Design Thinking to develop artefacts which are both Useful and Usable. Attendees will receive a copy of the Visual Design Portfolio Analysis guide.

Matthew Robinson is an Analytics Specialist at IBM. He has over 25 years business analytics experience from both business and IT perspectives including working in utilities, manufacturing and retail. He has extensive knowledge of analytics including Business Intelligence, Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management. His area of expertise is assisting organisations to identify pain points and requirements to develop a viable solution based on appropriate analytic solutions. He works for IBM and has been a member of the Operational Research Society for several years including helping to develop its Analytics Network.

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