ACES, trauma and system change - the bigger picture


ACES, trauma and system change - the bigger picture


Starting 06 January 2021 12:46 through to 06 January 2021 13:46


Dr Warren Larkin│ Director │ Warren Larkin Associates

Visiting Professor University of Sunderland and Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Becky Haas│ American trauma informed care expert and author


Warren and Becky have been collaborating and sharing their experiences of promoting trauma informed practice and systems change for the last two years. Warren is based in the North West of England and Becky lives in Tennessee in the United States and yet their work has a remarkable degree of alignment.

 Warren will share his perspectives on why systems change is essential in order to prevent and mitigate the impacts of childhood adversity and to transform the health and wellbeing of future generations. He will go on to share the TASC Model (Trauma Aware Systems Change) as a way of conceptualising the key areas for cross-sector partnership and action.

 Nationally recognised as a pioneer for creating trauma informed communities, Becky will be sharing her experience of seeing regional acceptance of ACEs as a social determinant to health within rural Appalachia and the steps taken that can be replicated by cities around the world. She will also give examples of advocating for trauma informed care, educating professional sectors and collaborating with your stakeholders .

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Kayleigh Larne 3 Months Ago

Hello, I have tried to register and it is saying it is sold out. Is this correct? Is there a limited amount of online spaces?

Amii Hough 3 Months Ago

Will this event be run again/will a recording be made available? I have been unable to register as it says the event has sold out. Thank you