Flexible working – “the PM’s Garden Shed”


Flexible working – “the PM’s Garden Shed”


Starting 16 February 2021 18:45 through to 16 February 2021 20:00

Flexible working and the new office.

COVID-19 has forced many companies to make suitable arrangements to enable their staff to operate from home. Going forward it is likely this will continue with “shared” desks and flexible working, allowing organisations to reduce its office footprint and make considerable operational savings.

The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the journey of one such organisation and how it is seeking to make a step change into the world of flexible working. The PM’s shed is where we wonder off to ponder over life, and our webinar is meant to reflect the shed!

Those wishing to attend will be invited to listen or partake in an open discussion around flexible works, staff wellbeing and the need for social interaction, how can we or do we adjust, and share good and bad practices so we can all benefit from others experiences.

South East Branch aim to get away from the normal webinars and set up a meeting place for likeminded professionals of all levels and ages, and yes, even those outside the south east are invited!

To start the season, we will present an organisation's journey making a real step change in the way it operates, changing its culture, while still maintaining its collaborative working, but freeing its workforce from the restraints of the office.

We plan to promote interaction and for attendees to reflect on their experiences, knowledge share, what was good and what was not so good.

For further information and to book your place on this webinar, please visit the APM website.

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