Changing Culture to Maximise Enterprise Value


Changing Culture to Maximise Enterprise Value


Starting 18 March 2021 18:30 through to 18 March 2021 20:00

The session will discuss the origins of value and benefits management, the relationship between them, and the key elements of successful value and benefits management. The key elements will include project, programme and portfolio management (P3M), the relationships between them, and the tools and techniques that support them.

These will include the business case, value and benefits mapping, benefits registers, stage gates and relevant performance measurements. It will also identify the necessary conditions for success, including proactive management of change, full-cycle governance and activist accountability. It will position where benefits and value management fit in the broader context of enterprise governance.

To ensure that value is created and sustained from organisational change initiatives, benefits have to be managed throughout the entire investment lifecycle. In order to maximise value, we must ask if the proposed benefits will be delivered at an acceptable cost with an acceptable level of risk over the full economic lifecycle of the investment. We must promote a shift from a culture of delivery to one of value.

Based on the speakers' many decades of experience in this space, it will identify the major challenges faced in getting these practices adopted, effectively applied and sustained in organisations, including the challenges of executive engagement, sustained sponsorship and stakeholder inclusion. Beyond frameworks, processes and tools, it will stress the need for significant cultural and mindset change at all levels of the organisation, if these practices are to be broadly adopted and effectively used to maximise enterprise value.

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