ISES webinar on air pollution


ISES webinar on air pollution


Starting 23 February 2021 18:00 through to 23 February 2021 19:00

Exposure to air pollutants during COVID-19 pandemic – better or worse than before?

COVID-19 pandemic changed the daily life of everyone in the world, with imposed quarantine periods to populations in order to decrease infection rates and the burden that positive cases poses to health national systems. Lockdown periods have promoted a significant change in the national economies with closure of business and industries. This webinar intends to evaluate how the COVID-19 pandemic affected: 1 - Exposure to outdoor air pollution 2 - Exposure to indoor air pollution at dwellings during quarantine 3 - Strategies to minimize human exposure to air pollutants during quarantine Presented by: Prof. PhD Marina Almeida-Silva, PhD Nuno Canha

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