Procedural Justice in the context of Domestic Abuse


Procedural Justice in the context of Domestic Abuse


Starting 19 May 2021 16:00 through to 19 May 2021 17:15

Procedural Justice in the context of Domestic Abuse:  Enhancing the experience of service users



Dr Alison Heydari

Commander in the Metropolitan Police Service



For many people Domestic Abuse is an everyday experience.

It is critical that the response to these incidents meets the needs of those affected.

In this free seminar, Alison will discuss her doctoral research which has lived experience at its centre. She will analyse the experiences of those impacted by Domestic Abuse, both from service users’ perspectives as well as responding officers, senior officers and Independent Domestic Violence Advocates.

This seminar presents the five research themes generated as a result of utilising Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, what ‘good policing’ looks like and what barriers exist to consistently delivering better outcomes.  The research findings are put forward for discussion, designed to inspire change to improve public services, civil society and help all stakeholders to thrive so that legitimacy and trust in services can be enhanced.


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