Risks to project benefits realisation: Some lessons from transport


Risks to project benefits realisation: Some lessons from transport


Starting 30 April 2021 17:30 through to 01 June 2021 18:30

This webinar will discuss the hard to quantify (but highly important) risks that can cause projects to fail to achieve their objectives.
Project risk managers tend to concentrate on cost and time from the project “cost-time-quality” triangle. Critical risks that may lead projects to fail to provide the functions which are intended can thus receive disproportionately low attention. Using examples from the transport industry, Dr Worsley will describe a variety of reasons why a project may not achieve its objectives.

For project professionals to identify these risks will require a deeper knowledge of how their industry creates benefits and value. Fortunately, treating the creation of a project business case as a project in its own right can assist with this. Combining risk and value management processes can also help to flush out these issues.

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