Perpetuity Research: The phenomenal challenge posed by counterfeiting


Perpetuity Research: The phenomenal challenge posed by counterfeiting


Starting 20 May 2021 15:30 through to 20 May 2021 16:30

The phenomenal challenge posed by counterfeiting: what are we going to do?

Counterfeiting along with copyright infringements, is big business, it is extremely lucrative for criminals, the EU alone estimates an annual cost of €50 billion. It takes place across sectors, it is international and perhaps most worryingly it is driven by demand. Of course, it is illegal, more specifically it is used to fund organised crime; it supports child exploitation; it can create serious threats to heath for example by containing poisonous substitutes in drink and food or in say medicines lacking active ingredients; and it results in fraudulent product warranty claims. Moreover, it undermines legitimate business; generates the potential for considerable reputational damage and deprives Governments of tax revenues. This webinar will explore:

  • The dangers posed by counterfeiting (and copyright infringements)
  • The loopholes that make it attractive for offenders
  • The limits of current prevention approaches and what we do next

Please note: This is an external event is being run by Perpetuity Research and will be held via Zoom. If your organisation does not allow access to Zoom then you may wish to consider accessing via another device (please check your organisation's policy on this). Alternatively you can watch recordings of these events as Perpetuity Research make them available on their website later: 

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