Academy seminar - Independent Review of Drugs Part 2


Academy seminar - Independent Review of Drugs Part 2


Starting 20 July 2021 16:00 through to 20 July 2021 17:15


Professor Dame Carol Black



In February 2019, the Home Secretary appointed Professor Dame Carol Black to undertake an independent review of drugs to inform the government’s thinking on what more can be done to tackle

the harm that drugs cause.

Dame Carol shared Part 1 of her drugs review with Academy members in October 2020 and now returns to outline findings from the 2nd part of her analysis. 

Her conclusion is that the public provision we currently have for prevention, treatment and recovery is not fit for purpose and urgently needs repair. Dame Carol believes a whole-system approach is needed, with demand reduction a key component to drive down the profitability of the market.

In this seminar Dame Carol will discuss concrete proposals, that are deliverable within this parliament, to achieve this. ​​​​​​​


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Dee Pridmore 1 Month Ago

Will the seminar be recorded? Such a shame more people couldnt attend, im sure that technology would cope after the year we have had. 

A sad and fustrated NHS worker :(