Perpetuity Research: Fraud challenges in the public sector


Perpetuity Research: Fraud challenges in the public sector


Starting 15 June 2021 15:30 through to 15 June 2021 16:30

Fraud challenges in the public sector: in what ways are these changing and how effective is the response?

In previous webinars we have heard about the fraud risks in the speed with which Governments have offered financial help without adequate (or sometimes any) fraud risk assessments; and the dangers of people working from home where there are less developed systems of fraud control and less oversight. To what extent are forms of these challenges replicated in the Public sector and how are they different? This webinar will assess:

● The types of fraud that most impact on the public sector and the ways these are changing
● The effectiveness of the response from the public sector to current fraud challenges
● The future trends for fraud and for the response in the public sector


Please note: This is an external event is being run by Perpetuity Research and will be held via Zoom. If your organisation does not allow access to Zoom then you may wish to consider accessing via another device (please check your organisation's policy on this). Alternatively you can watch recordings of these events as Perpetuity Research make them available on their website later: 


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