Perpetuity Research: Is fraud purely an opportunistic crime?


Perpetuity Research: Is fraud purely an opportunistic crime?


Starting 08 July 2021 15:30 through to 08 July 2021 16:30

We tend to think of fraud as an offence committed because an opportunity presents itself and that some individuals will take advantage of these situations because they are motivated by greed. Whereas, increasingly we are witnessing more organised and sophisticated fraudulent attacks against organisations, many of which involve considerable planning. In order to ensure that our controls are sufficient enough to mitigate against these risks, we need to be able to identify the relevant warning signs, or ‘red flags’ that alert us to potential fraudulent activity. But in an ever advancing and changing world, are we currently reviewing the correct areas? And to what extent do advances in technology – such as machine learning – offer real opportunities for improvement? This webinar will:

  • Discuss the main motivations offenders have for committing fraud
  • Examine new and emerging trends
  • Consider how we can better identify fraud ‘red flags’ including via new technologies

Please note: This is an external event is being run by Perpetuity Research and will be held via Zoom. If your organisation does not allow access to Zoom then you may wish to consider accessing via another device (please check your organisation's policy on this). Alternatively you can watch recordings of these events as Perpetuity Research make them available on their website later: 


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