Perpetuity Research: The pandemic and crime rates - insights


Perpetuity Research: The pandemic and crime rates - insights


Starting 29 June 2021 15:30 through to 29 June 2021 16:30

The pandemic and crime rates: Insights from criminologists

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on people’s daily routines, it has disrupted business and personal operations globally. But what has been happening to crime rates has received scant attention, at least in public discourse. What we do know is that offenders are good innovators, that they are adept at exploiting new opportunities when current ones are blocked. So how have they adapted and what does this mean for crime prevention? To assess these implications this webinar will focus on what the data tell us and how the trends should be interpreted. This webinar will:

  • Discuss current crime trends and the ways these have been changed by the pandemic
  • Examine the implications for crime prevention and security
  • Evaluate the likely longer terms crime patterns as we move to a post pandemic world

Please note: This is an external event is being run by Perpetuity Research and will be held via Zoom. If your organisation does not allow access to Zoom then you may wish to consider accessing via another device (please check your organisation's policy on this). Alternatively you can watch recordings of these events as Perpetuity Research make them available on their website later: 

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