Civil Service Live 2021


Civil Service Live 2021


Starting 16 June 2021 08:30 through to 17 June 2021 17:00

Civil Service Live will be a virtual event in 2021 and will take place on 16 and 17 June 2021. Please take a look at how you can take part and review the opportunities on the 'Get Involved' page.


Civil Service Live is your opportunity to engage with other civil servants, listen to thought-provoking sessions, and hear from inspiring people sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise.

You’ll be able to pick and choose which sessions you want to attend and create a bespoke agenda for your involvement. You’ll also be able to revisit content from our online event for three months afterwards to watch any of the sessions you couldn’t attend live.

Content for Civil Service Live has been designed to: 

  • EDUCATE civil servants by sharing information and new ideas that change thinking and allow attendees to learn new skills.
  • ENGAGE civil servants with Shaping our Future Together, the Civil Service modernisation and reform programme; showcasing cross-departmental collaboration and building networks of civil servants who can support each other to improve outcomes.
  • INSPIRE civil servants to adopt the vision and demonstrate leadership, learn new skills and improve their office environment to provide better public services.

Registration for the event will be available from 22 April 2021

On the 17th June there is a counter-fraud specific session, Fighting fraud during COVID-19:

'Fraud is a serious, underestimated and unchecked problem - and developing a robust Counter Fraud Profession is a key part of fighting back. Every public body is a target for fraudsters but unfortunately, public bodies do not always consider fraud in their day to day work. Find out how fraudsters sought to exploit the C-19 pandemic using fake Government messaging as a hook to defraud the public, with real-life case studies of the types of fraud committed and the public services targeted. The Profession will share some of the tools, techniques and approaches that we deployed to fight back - as well as our reflections on the challenges and lessons we have learned from leading an emergency management counter fraud response to the pandemic. All are welcome to this presentation and Q&A session to learn more about the threat from fraud and the challenges of leadership in an emergency situation.'

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