Academy seminar - Self-Harm and Early Intervention: Addressing the gaps


Academy seminar - Self-Harm and Early Intervention: Addressing the gaps


Starting 02 November 2021 16:00 through to 02 November 2021 17:15


Jennifer Rushworth-Claeys │ Head of Young Persons Service Delivery │

We Are With You

Sophie Beer │ Kent Mind and Body Service Manager │We Are With You

Charlotte Francis │ Young Person's Mind & Body Practitioner │We Are With You



Despite continued encouragement to have honest, open conversation about our mental health there’s still undeniable barriers to accessing mental health services. Gaps in thresholds, limited resources and ‘postcode lotteries’ mean that a huge amount of young people aren’t able to access the right service at the right time.

In this free seminar Jennifer will introduce you to We Are With You and their evidence based Mind and Body Programme which provides early intervention support to 13-25 year olds struggling with their wellbeing and self harm.

Sophie will then share learning from the programme, including how Mind and Body identifies a huge amount of young people who would otherwise be ‘under the radar’ and how they ensure positive outcomes continue beyond the end of delivery.

Finally, Charlotte will offer a practitioner's perspective and provide resources to share with young people, including some examples of activities used within the Mind and Body Programme.


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