Mental Health Awareness for Managers


Mental Health Awareness for Managers


Starting 16 November 2021 18:00 through to 16 November 2021 20:00

An interactive presentation to provide new and experienced project managers with an awareness of mental health issues and provide them with some skills in order to allow them to identify possible issues and subsequent interventions for both themselves and team members.

Mental Health affects everyone of us and it is important in project management because the project manager must fill several roles in the completion of a project. Coach, Friend, Leader, Communicator, Integrator. They are integral to the success of any project and have to cope with stresses and issues arising both from within and external to the project: he or she is often the only person who is able to view both the project and the way it fits the overall plan for the organisation. The project manager must also explain and integrate the project with stakeholders outside the project team who may or may not be within the organisation. Often becoming involved in complex problem solving and decision making throughout the life of the project.

This is an interactive face to face presentation promoted by APM Scotland Branch members. A Webinar/Interactive Presentation to help new and experienced project managers see the benefits of learning to identify the triggers and utilise proven techniques to improve mental health awareness for the future of APM and all its members. Those benefits are:

  • Improving current competencies
  • Improved communication and issue identification skills
  • Greater mental flexibility and problem solving capability
  • Improved relationships with all project stakeholders

Following the completion of this session, each member should have a take away which can form part of their action plan and add to their APM CPD Log.

For further information and to book your place, please visit the APM website.


The Grange Manor
United Kingdom

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