Critical Chain: Ensuring Project Collaboration Pays


Critical Chain: Ensuring Project Collaboration Pays


Starting 25 November 2021 18:00 through to 25 November 2021 20:00

More and more project-based organisations are realising that collaborative teams can deliver better results.
But how can you ensure that your collaborative project delivers better business results, and doesn't just allow team members to make some good mates?
Ian Heptinstall thinks that Critical Chain can help. 

Critical Chain (aka “CCPM”) has been around for over 20 years but is still seen as a niche method of managing project execution.  Even the minority of project professionals who have heard of critical chain, see it as 'just' an alternative to critical path and earned value.  Not better, just different.
In this presentation Ian will challenge this assumption.  He will show how critical chain has developed in the past 20 years, and how some leading global companies have used it to deliver strategically significant improvements in their project performance.  Not just different, but better.
This presentation will cover…

  • The basics of the CC method, and how it differs from common approaches of project scheduling, and project control during execution.
  • Who is using it, on what kinds of projects, and what difference they say it has made to their projects.
  • Spoiler – they tend to say they are better, faster and cheaper.
  • Many users of CC say it has allowed the same people, with the same leaders, and the same kinds of projects to make step-changes in the performance of their projects. Teams have delivered 15-35% more projects, in 25-50% less time.  New products come to market ahead of the competition, limited capital budgets deliver more investment projects, failing projects have been turned around, and project team members suffer less stress.
  • Why, if your projects involve a significant amount of contracted-in work (as with construction and capital projects), it will not be easy to gain the benefits of CCPM unless you also adopt collaborative approaches to procurement and contracting.

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