Value of Assurance


Value of Assurance


Starting 27 April 2022 18:00 through to 27 April 2022 20:00

Join us in Cumbria at this face to face event to find out more around the Value of Assurance.

In the past, the focus of discussion around assurance in projects has been about ensuring that everything that needs to be covered is covered, but without inefficient duplication.

The existence of assurance as being a necessity has been a given, although turf wars, and arguments about when and how it should be done, have been common. More recently, though debate has developed about knowing whether there is enough, or too much assurance; what level of guarantee of project success does assurance bring; and how can we get the best value out of assurance? These questions are difficult to answer.

This talk will break the topic down into elements to make it easier to address; propose a way of better understanding relationships between assurance and project success; and look at future trends in assurance that will impact on its value.

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Blackwood Road
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United Kingdom

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