Mental Toughness for Challenging Times


Mental Toughness for Challenging Times


Starting 29 June 2022 18:00 through to 29 June 2022 20:00

Join us in Cumbria at this face to face event to find out more around Mental Toughness for Challenging Times.

The world has changed, and we have all entered a new reality as a result of a dangerous killer virus. This change has hit us at pace and required massive adjustments in our lives. Upheaval, stress, fear, dealing with the unknown, managing multiple crisis situations – yet we are expected at the same time to master new tools, new ways of working, work in isolation, connect virtually and perform and keep our businesses alive.

We are all in a strange new fight for survival in some form – physical, mental, business and livelihood. We’ve all heard about how to protect ourselves physically, but how can we do this mentally? Mental Toughness is a quality you can develop to survive in this new reality. This event will introduce you to the subject of mental toughness and start you on the path to developing and strengthening this aspect of your personality.

Our presenter is no stranger to conflict and crisis. She grew up in the Troubles in Northern Ireland, followed by a career in the Army including tours in the Balkans and Africa. This was followed by a career as a Project Manager and Business Change Manager in Thales UK – a large Defence company.

During this event, Lucy will pull from real life learning and working in crisis environments plus her knowledge of leadership development and psychometrics that will help you understand how to develop your Mental Toughness for this new world we find ourselves in.

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