Applying intelligent change readiness to achieve better change webinar


Applying intelligent change readiness to achieve better change webinar


Starting 14 July 2022 12:30 through to 14 July 2022 13:30

An interactive session in which we will explore change readiness – what it is and how can it be used more intelligently to enhance benefits and increase adoption of planned changes.

How do we best convert plans for change into effective preparation for and adoption of change?

You are invited to join this session in which we will discuss the importance and benefits of change readiness. We will explore what good change readiness looks like and when it should be done (spoiler alert – ideally more than once!).

Change and project managers can develop their change readiness practices to better understand the commitment to and capacity for planned changes and to target support to smooth the transition for those impacted by or responsible for adopting these.

The facilitated session will involve a small panel of experienced change and project management professionals and we will welcome participation from the audience in the form of questions to our panel, polls and Teams chat.


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