Why a Trauma-Informed Approach Requires Shame-Sensitive Practice


Why a Trauma-Informed Approach Requires Shame-Sensitive Practice


Starting 30 June 2022 16:00 through to 30 June 2022 17:15


Professor Luna Dolezal

Associate Professor in Philosophy and Medical Humanities University of Exeter



Experiences of trauma are widespread, and there exists a wealth of evidence directly correlating trauma to a range of poor social and health outcomes which incur substantial costs to individuals and to society. As such, trauma has been positioned as a significant public health issue which many argue necessitates a ‘trauma-informed approach’ to health, care and social services along with public health.

Shame is a key emotional after effect of experiences of trauma, and emerging research argues that we may “have failed to see the obvious” by neglecting to acknowledge the influence of shame on post-trauma disorders (Taylor 2015).

In this free seminar, Luna will discuss how effectively addressing trauma and post-trauma states necessitates ‘shame competence’. She will also examine how failure to identify and address shame in post-traumatic states and within trauma-informed approaches can be detrimental, potentially compounding trauma and leading to the ineffectiveness of interventions designed to help individuals.

Finally, Luna will offer strategies for shame-sensitive practice and discuss the need for shame competence in health, social and care services and within public health.


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