Project Delivery Learning Series - #2 - Approach & Tailoring


Project Delivery Learning Series - #2 - Approach & Tailoring


Starting 30 June 2022 13:00 through to 30 June 2022 15:00

Should we apply a standardised process or tailor our approach to suit the project being undertaken? Small, simple projects can avoid applying costly and unnecessary process while complex, high-consequence projects can add additional rigour to better match their needs.

Since projects are unique (even if we are creating the same product or service again, likely the stakeholders, or market conditions have changed), so too should be our approaches. Even more likely, is that we are creating something unique, that would benefit from a tailored approach.

This session, led by Mike Griffiths PMI, explores the benefits and issues associated with tailoring and profiles examples of common adaptations. We will review project and organizational characteristics that are used to make project tailoring decisions. Factors include objective measures such as team size, project criticality, and requirements uncertainty, but what about more subjective measures such as sponsor confidence, team maturity, and public opinion?

Most organizations consciously or unconsciously tailor their project approaches. Let’s explore the topic and discuss the factors to be considered and their impacts on our project processes.

These sessions are aimed at colleagues with project delivery experience. WE HAVE A FEW SPACES LEFT FOR THE WIDER PUBLIC SECTOR MEMBERS. If you are interested in joining us please drop us a note of your interest at ppm-coe@gov.scotand how it will help your current and future work.


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