Unlearning - a vital step in the process of innovation and change webinar


Unlearning - a vital step in the process of innovation and change webinar


Starting 15 September 2022 12:30 through to 15 September 2022 13:15

This is a joint The Nuclear Institute: Project Management SIG and APM’s three part Nuclear webinar series


Unlearning - a vital step in the process of innovation and change
1st webinar in this three part Nuclear series

How can we learn and innovate in a highly regulated and process-driven industry such as Nuclear? The secret may be unlearning, a process for freeing yourself from past assumptions, habits and ‘rules’ to enable you to adapt and change your behaviour for the very different requirements of the future.

Why is it sometimes so difficult to manage change? All change requires new learning and ‘learning to learn’ is a core skill for individuals and teams in modern organisations. In order to learn, we may need to ‘unlearn’ - freeing ourselves from existing constructs in order to be able to move forward.

This webinar will explore the strength with which we hold on to existing patterns of thought and behaviour and how the concept of coming into a situation with ‘an open mind’ is generally not the case! Life experiences and prior knowledge always colour our perception of new situations. Which assumptions do we carry as a result of these experiences? Which are helpful and positive in facing up to change and which can be limiting? We will use the example of a simple, practical task to observe and discuss the process of unlearning as a prerequisite to successful future learning. As the steps in the activity unfold, the speaker will describe how these relate to organisational learning and suggest some ideas for embracing unlearning as part of successful organisational development.


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Nuclear three part webinar series:

Thursday 20 October, Part 2: Storytelling in major projects: The art of communicating archaeology
Thursday 24 November, Part 3: Nuclear energy conversation: “Hidden learnings” in decision-making

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