NP51210 Contract Review May 12 - Community ONS Issued 170512

NP51210 Contract Review May 12 - Community ONS Issued 170512 (Version 1.0)

Uploaded by Alex Little, 23/05/12 10:59
MP512/10 Dietetic Feeds contract (first year) review paper for Scottish Goverment in relation to potential commercial benefits accrued and outstanding, with a specific focus on ONS (prevsiously known as SIP feeds). Objective The objective of this review is to summarise the progress of NHS Scotland in delivering the additional £1.9M of rebates that are available as part of the current national framework that has been in place since 1 st May 2011. Health Boards were already receiving approximately £1.9M in rebates as recorded in December 2010. This additional opportunity will increase the rebate level to £3.8M on a community spend of approximately £12M. Scope This review is only concerned with the community spend and rebate on ONS products. The framework awarded also covers hospital and community spend on tube feeds, pumps, giving sets and other feeding supplements. An additional £800k of benefit was identified at framework award covering these out of scope areas,
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