Gay and bisexual men's health survey

Gay and bisexual men's health survey (Version 1.0)

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With 6,861 respondents from across Britain, this is the largest survey ever conducted of gay and bisexual men’s health needs in the world. However, it demonstrates that many of those needs are not being met and that there are areas of significant concern – most particularly in mental health and drug use– that have been overlooked by health services which too often focus solely on gay men’s sexual health. This report also provides hard evidence that gay and bisexual men nationwide are more likely to attempt suicide, self-harm and have depression than their straight peers. They are also more likely to smoke, drink and take illegal drugs. It ill-serves our gay and bisexual communities when these uncomfortable truths are ignored. Patients accessing healthcare should be confident that they’ll be treated compassionately, confidentially and with complete openness. But this pioneering research reveals that for many gay and bisexual men in Britain this is simply not the case. These men feel demonstrably neglected by a healthcare system that now has a legal duty to treat everyone equally. Respondents told us that they can’t talk openly to GPs and other healthcare workers and they are too often anxious that their confidentiality will not be protected. This lack of trust has a material impact on whether gay and bisexual men take advice on health issues and access appropriate testing and monitoring services. These findings send a stark message that Britain’s health services need to rethink how they approach many of their patients. We hope they will rise to that challenge.
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