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This webinar focused on effective support for grief and bereavement during and after the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak in communities in England.

Many thousands of people have been bereaved by someone close to them during the outbreak – whether by COVID-19 or other causes of death. The virus itself, and the measures put in place to control its spread, have had a profound impact on how adults and children experience bereavement, say goodbye to loved ones, and support one another in grief.
These measures have also changed the ways in which bereavement services are delivered. Local areas are increasingly recognising the need for support around bereavement.

This webinar provided an overview of:
• How everyone has a role to play in supporting grieving people
• Models of grief that can help people understand their own reactions, and know how to support family and friends, and when to seek extra support
• Examples of how local areas have developed pathways of support
• How schools are preparing to support bereaved pupils as they return
• Ideas about commissioning and delivering bereavement services in response to COVID19.
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