In good shape - learning and good practice from the early health and wellbeing peer challenges

In good shape - learning and good practice from the early health and wellbeing peer challenges (Version 1.0)

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Part of the remit of the LGA's Healthwatch Implementation Team is to make sure that local Healthwatch is embedded in the new health and social care systems and that local Healthwatch is included in sector improvement discussions. This last year has seen many Councils taking the opportunity to test how effectively they are integrating public health and how their planning for the future is gearing up, particularly in terms of tackling major challenges, such as integrating public health and leading a whole systems approach. One of the tactics they have adopted is using the LGA’s support to look at issues around public health, the work of their HWB, and the way the whole system works. This enables the local authority to learn from others and make more rapid progress. Peer-based challenge and support helps councils and their health partners to reflect on their current approach, drawing on political and officer expertise from across local government and the health sector. As part of the LGA’s offer to the sector, local authorities and their health partners can commission a health and wellbeing peer challenge. The scope of the challenge is agreed with the council so that it is tailored to local needs, requirements and priority issues on health. This publication contains a number of case studies outlining how peer challenge is playing a strong role supporting and improving public health and also points to some of the good practice already identified in the first phase of the health peer challenge programme.
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