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LG Inform Search (Version 1.0)

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Attached to this post are a PDF of the Search function in LG Inform, a live presentation can be viewed here I have put an embedded version of this presentation in this post, if you have a large white space below this text, it has been removed due to security settings. You can either see this presentation through the link above, the attached PDF or change your settings, details below - Script defender Most web browsers will automatically block embedded codes from websites if they believe they are unsafe. For different browsers you will have different defenders and locations which will need to be switched on to allow you to see the content. • Google Chrome's defender appears as a Shield on the right hand side of the website address bar. Select the shield and select ‘load unsafe script'. • Internet Explorer's defender appears as a box at the bottom of your screen that will ask ‘Only secure content is displayed'. Select the box on the right called ‘Show all content' to view the content. • Firefox's defender appears on the left side of the websites address bar as a shield. Select the shield and change the drop down to ‘Disable protection on this page'.
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