Connected Councillors

Connected Councillors (Version 1.0)

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This document is now a few years old and given the ever evolving social media landscape, some of the latest tools and opportunities may not be included. Nevertheless, it still contains useful case studies, tips and ideas. Extract from intro: Taking part in social networks is now a majority activity and will certainly grow. If local government does not keep up with the pace, it will increasingly seem less relevant and will not be able to fulfill its role in the leadership of place. As representatives of their local areas and the democratically elected leaders of their organisations and partnerships, councillors must take the lead in using the social web. This guide is meant as a brief introduction to social media for councillors, outlining how social media can be used to: • support councillors’ leadership roles • create a space for community conversation • keep a finger on the pulse of local needs • campaign for political office and on important local issues.
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