Short food supply chains as a policy tool

Short food supply chains as a policy tool (Version 1.0)

Uploaded by Pieter van de Graaf, 22/05/13 15:43
A two-page policy brief on how short food supply chains can be useful to policy and decision makers in government, industry and civil society is now available (attached). The brief is based on an evidence report produced by FOODLINKS partners with references and case studies that can be accessed at:
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Former Member 7 Years Ago
Well done, thank you very much, Peter!
Pieter van de Graaf 7 Years Ago
The above policy brief and FOODLINKS are now referred to in a key paper in the journal Food Security: " Priority research questions for the UK food system ". This paper reports on a collaborative process through which the top 100 outstanding evidence needs on food supplies in the UK were identified. Question 61 specifically refers to Short Food Supply Chains: " To what extent do 'grow your own', and community growing and purchasing schemes, increase individual food security in the UK's low income groups ?"