Digital citizens and democratic engagement

Digital citizens and democratic engagement (Version 1.0)

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This report shows that for Britons who are already online, the internet has made it easier to take part in civic and political activities and that half of them prefer to use the internet to take part in democratic life. With over two thirds of the British population online, this report explores how people use the internet to connect with their elected representatives and also the trends in online digital engagement across civic and political life. The research draws on two samples. The first was a national survey of individuals who were already online and the second was a sample of ‘digital leaders' -people with a strong interest in social media and politics. The first group demonstrated how Britons currently use the internet to participate in politics and civic life and the second group identified trends for future and developing technologies.
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Paul Foley 7 Years Ago
An interesting paper covering channel use and motivations for involvement for contacting government. I am facilitating a session about public sector accessibility and innovation at the Digital Agenda Assembly in Dublin ( ). the paper provides some interesting numbers about motivations for channel use.