Innovation - the art of 'being', not 'doing' - Using the Innovation Persona Assessment™ to generate an innovative culture

Innovation - the art of 'being', not 'doing' - Using the Innovation Persona Assessment™ to generate an innovative culture (Version 1.0)

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Google ‘innovation’ and you’ll find hundreds of definitions. But, at the heart of it, the golden thread running through all of them reflects creativity, newness, value and competitive advantage. So it’s not surprising then that, if you ask anyone in business, they’ll say that innovation is important (whether they truly understand it or not); indeed, The Economist once stated that “Innovation is now recognised as the single most important ingredient in any modern economy”.

But if innovation is to truly be a tool for transforming business, it has to be more than just being about new and relevant products being brought to market - organisations actually need to create and embrace an innovation culture; generating one rich in creativity, empowerment, positivity and risk taking. And to do that, they need to recruit, support and retain individuals who can bring, and generate through others, new insights into the organisation.

In his book, ‘The 10 Faces of Innovation’, Tom Kelley introduces the concept of innovation personas and proposes that different types of innovators exist, each bringing their own “levers, tools, skills and points of view”. He goes on to state that if you combine these with energy and intelligence then you can “generate a powerful force for transformation”. Kelley states that it is about people, the roles they can play and the personas they adopt - but these traits don’t have to be permanently attached to one individual or team, rather they reflect an individual’s multifaceted capabilities with an ability to interchange them as appropriate.

However, organisations often don’t understand what human capital they have nor need if they want to genuinely create an innovation culture; mobilising the right people, in the right way and at the right time. As such, the ability for individual staff, and as a result the organisation they serve, to understand their persona preferences can prove to be more efficient and effective in staff deployment and innovation generation.

To this end, I have developed the Innovation Persona Assessment™ to help individuals and organisations recognise, value and utilise the innate strengths that otherwise may go unnoticed or under-utilised - the attached paper explains further and gives you access the assessment tool.
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