DRAFT Connect Here Directory of Community Resources 6th Edition June 2021

DRAFT Connect Here Directory of Community Resources 6th Edition June 2021 (Version 1.0)

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Dear Colleagues

Here is a link for the new version of the Connect Here Community Resources Directory:

In May some Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed. The response from services to this development has been cautious. Some services have re-introduced booking systems, some are holding events outdoors while many continue to rely on online Zoom meetings and multi-media channels.

This draft edition of the Directory has sought to capture these changes. The link above will take you to a draft version of the new edition. It has been posted for comment and feedback until the 25th June, we hope to have a final version in place by the end of June.
We are keen to put in place a Directory that addresses your needs in your day job. We would therefore be most grateful if you could spend a little bit of time looking over the Directory and giving some feedback.

Looking through the index as a whole -
• Are there topic headings missing that you would find helpful?
• If you can also click on three entries and look at the written description. Does it give you clear enough initial information?
• We have tried to capture information about Zoom/Teams events past and present, please let us know if we have missed something?
• If you are aware of a service that is allowing limited face to face meetings and we have failed to include this information, please let us know.

Navigation Aids
The Directory is big! 600 plus pages so please be aware of navigation aids built into the directory. Subject Hyperlinks, the “Find” facility and a linked alphabetical listing at the back of the directory, should help you to find what you are looking for. If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser you will need to download a copy of the Directory to your desktop to take full advantage of these features.

Best wishes

Philip Gregson
Project Support Manager
Long Term Conditions Programme
Astley Ainslie Hospital
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