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Andy Wallace 1 Year Ago

This is great! Thanks for uploading.

Former Member 9 Months ago in reply to Andy Wallace .

Thank you and Apologies for the very late response.

Jane Hepworth 9 Months Ago

This is ideal, thanks for uploading.

Former Member 8 Months ago in reply to Jane Hepworth .

Thanks Jane. We are updating it and we'll relaunch the accessible version 16th July.

Former Member 8 Months Ago

Hi, I like the look of this.

I also quite like the "5 ways to wellbeing", which is a nice and simple way to digest this. I think you have covered everything it covers.  Connect, Be active, Take notice, Keep Learning and Give.    Something that doesn't pop up here that might be a nice intervention is "biophillia" aka the love of plants. Plants have been shown to improve relaxation as they connect us more to a natural environment, and also have minor air quality improvement effects. Daylight, noise, air quality etc can also be important factors. It might be worth considering things like WELL certification, or looking into the research by the UK Green Building Council on Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in offices. Our office is WELL certified (I think it was the first in Europe!) and we'd be happy to show anyone around it (it's in London by St Pauls Cathedral).

Former Member 7 Months ago in reply to Former Member .

Hi Rory,

Thank you for your email and glad that you like the look of our toolkit. We are relaunching this next week so would be cool to get in touch with you and we would love to see your office :)

Former Member 7 Months ago in reply to Former Member .

Excellent! Please get in touch with me at


Nicola Tapley 7 Months Ago

Hi, only just subscribed to the Knowledge Hub, so seeing this for the first time and I think its great! Just wondering how people are using this withing their teams/environments?

Former Member 6 Months ago in reply to Nicola Tapley .

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for your comment.

There are activities that can be done by teams, for example featured activities in letter B, D, G, T and U. Let us know how you get on. KR's Gail