A signposting guide to sources of public health intelligence December 2019.pdf

A signposting guide to sources of public health intelligence December 2019.pdf

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The latest version of the Signposting guide to resources is now available.
Please note that links are all functioning as of the 6th January. If you notice any broken links please let us know and we will endeavour to get them fixed.
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Louise Noon 6 Months Ago

Hi there, this looks really useful :-)

The blurb above seems to refer to a different document however?

Graeme Walsh 6 Months ago in reply to Louise Noon .

Apologies - blurb is now corrected!

Sarah Catton 5 Months Ago

Is this going to be on and/or shared beyond KHub externally? I know in PH world 'intelligence' is often used to refer to data or data-related tools but use of the word 'intelligence' may cause some concerns externally if there is no links to other forms of valuable evidence (research, briefings, case studies etc.) by topic.

This is great having a one-stop guide to PH intelligence but maintaining currency will be tricky.

Graeme Walsh 5 Months ago in reply to Sarah Catton .

Hi Sarah. The information in the PDF is also on Wiki pages within this group as we wanted it to be more accessible and where version control is much easier. We have been maintaining this for some time.  We are happy for the PDF to be shared as widely as required but we encourage people to join Khub. You are also right in noting that this is just intelligence and as you will know we are identifying ways within PHE to bring data and intelligence together.

Louise Noon 5 Months Ago

Hi there, you'll be pleased to hear (I hope!) that I've been using the signposting guide to check on some data sources for the PCN profile we're drafting here in Derbyshire.

I've noticed on p8 that there are some suggested log in details for the shape place website which I thought was a little bit odd as it likes you to log in as yourself so it knows what you're allowed to see. I've checked and they don't actually work so wondered if this was a mistake?


Graeme Walsh 5 Months ago in reply to Louise Noon . - Edited

Hi Louise - sorry the PDF document went out of date extremely quickly. We will get it changed as soon as possible. In the meantime this link will take you to one of the online Signposting Guide pages where you will find instructions for signing up to SHAPE.